Welcome To Bubba Tea!

Bubba Tea is a tea shop in Surrey, known for its exciting twist on tea and specialty beverages, and our tasty snacks. Our menu contains everything from savoury to sweet and hot to cold, to meet everyone's needs. We use only high-quality ingredients and our incredible team is trained to handcraft each and every drink to impress even the pickiest taste buds.

Our Famous Waffles

Our waffles are made using the finest and freshest ingredients, made to satisfy all cravings.
Belgian Waffles
Bubble Waffles
Matcha Waffles

Come By To Eat, Drink & Enjoy!

Everyone is welcome to come by, bring your friends and loved ones, laptops, or just an empty stomach! Our friendly and comfortable space makes it easy for anyone to enjoy our snacks and handcrafted beverages. Our team specializes in ensuring you genuinely enjoy your time with us!

Clients About Us

“Went out of my way to this cute Bubble Tea shop and lo and behold. WAFFLES. Not too sweet and just flavor full. I would definitely recommend it. The host was very diligent and very hospitable. Then I proceeded to return home and passed out into a food coma.”

“Amazing waffles and bubble tea! Was recommended by a friend that lives in the area; new spot, you have to try it out. I don’t live in the area, but I’d be willing to make the trip just to satiate my bubble tea craving. It’s just that good here.”

“This is the best spot in Surrey for BB tea. The cafe is clean and not a boring environment. You must try the milk tea with black tea! The owner Zara is kind and full of energy!!!”